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MAYA transmission Co., LTD. have typically provided premium quality products to World-Wide in six years.

With a skilled base covering and a true understanding of world culture differences, MAYA is playing a role at high quality products & competitive prices.


Ball Screws

Ball Splines

Linear Guides

Linear Bushing

Electronic Modules

Gross Roller Bearings

Pneumatic Products

To ensure gain a standing room at Power Transmission world, we are also think about how to exchange of ideals, communicate, agree with disagrees, reach an agreement and deal in a long term business.
And we are appreciated for all Suggestions & Feedback from our business friends here we solemnly to say THANK YOU !

Special thanks to

1, Ukraine ASB Corp. (Agro Special Bearings Co., LTD)

Links: www.agrosb.com.ua

2, UK Aydon Consultants

Links: www.aydonconsultants.co.uk

3, Shopping-Online

Links: www.shopping-online.biz

In response, we are holding friendly respects to welcome future business friends to share the precious experiences, to create a win-win cooperation, and go forward further altogether.

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